Stronghold for Puppies & Kittens up to 5 lbs (up to 2.5 kg) - Mauve 3 Doses

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For dogs and cats, below 2.5 Kg (5.5 lbs) This product is labelled kilograms. Each pack contains 3 ampoules, used as a spot on treatment monthly to prevent heartworm in dogs and cats, kill fleas in dogs and cats, treat and control ear mites in dogs and cats, treat hookworm and roundworm in cats only and control sarcoptic mange in dogs only. Not for use on puppies or kittens under 6 weeks of age.

2 Reviews

Nadine Labelle Jul 03, 2019

Stronghold pour chatons

Expédition rapide. Produit aussi efficace que s'il était acheté en clinique vétérinaire. Seul bémol, le coût un peu élevé (il me semble !).

Deborah Sep 22, 2018

stronghold for kittens

I had six kittens who developed a flea infestation from their mama. The vet had suggested holding off on treating the mother cat until after she had given birth. I would probably do things differently if this haopened again. I combed these babies twice a day to keep the population of fleas manageable and when they were of age - six weeks - used Stronghold for kittens on them. It worked wonderfully well. There were no adverse reactions whatsoever. Even more appreciated was the on the spot customer service and advice available from Sierra Pet Meds as I navigated this issue. I had never had kittens with a flea problem before and did not really know what was safe and what was not. Sierra Pet Meds provides the best price and almost immediate response for any inquiry a pet owner might have.

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