Prozym Dental Toothpaste Kit For Cats and Dogs 75mL (2.53 fl oz)

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Prozym Toothpaste

Delicious flavour for fussy pets

* Easy-to-dispense container

* Includes a handy finger brush

* Suitable for cats and dogs

Bad breath is one of the first signs of dental disease in cats and dogs. 80% of dogs and 70% of cats at 3 years of age have periodontal disease. Bacteria from the mouth can spread to the heart, liver and kidneys. Periodontal disease can reduce life expectance in dogs by up to 3 years.

Biofilm is the first stage in the development of periodontal disease. Prozym products contain an exclusive active ingredient which is scientifically proven to reduce biofilm by up to 70%.

Early intervention can prevent more serious problems such as periodontal disease. Prozym fights bad breath, so pets are kissably clean.

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