Bravecto Flea and Tick Chew for Dogs 9.9-22 lbs (4.5-10 kg) - Orange 2 Chews

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Bravecto offers dog owners unprecedented extended protection - just one Bravecto chew protects dogs for 3 months against fleas and 4 months against paralysis ticks - meaning fewer treatments to remember each year, and less to forget!


Additional Information

Key Benefits

  • Easy to administer
  • Highly palatable, well accepted by most dogs
  • Safe for use in breeding, pregnant and lactating dogs
  • For use in dogs from 8 weeks of age and over 2 kg in body weight
  • Can be administered all year round.



  • Treatment and prevention of flea infestations for 3 months
  • Provides effective control of fleas on dogs within 8 hours of administration
  • Aids in the control of and reduces incidence of flea allergy dermatitis (FAD) by controlling adult fleas
  • Interrupts the flea lifecycle due to the rapid onset of action – kills newly emerged adult fleas before they lay eggs, long-lasting efficacy against adult fleas on the animal and prevents viable egg production.




  • Treatment and control of paralysis tick for 4 months
  • Treatment and control of brown dog tick for 8 weeks
  • Provides effective control of pre-existing infestations of paralysis ticks within 24 hours
  • In tick season, daily searching for and removal of ticks found is recommended



  • Read the entire label/enclosed leaflet for full instructions before use
  • For oral use only.
  • Administer Bravecto chewable tablets at or around the same time as your dogs meal.

8 Reviews

Lannis W. Janssen Mar 20, 2022

Flea and tick prevention

We have been using Bravecto flea and tick prevention from Sierra Pet Meds several years now for our West Highland terriers. Hands down the best flea and tick prevention available..The cost is high but worth it knowing that it is 100% effective.

Lazaro Vilar Camara Hernandez Jan 08, 2022

Excellent product !!!

This product is excellent, it gives my pet 3 months flea free. Very good customer service and fast delivery I recommend it.

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