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Frontline Plus for Cats Green 6 Pack

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Expiry: November 2024 Frontline Plus For Cats: Monthly Topical 'Spot-On' Application Frontline Plus is a monthly topical flea and tick preventative for cats. Frontline Plus kills 100% of adult fleas on your pet within 12…

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Expiry: November 2024

Frontline Plus For Cats: Monthly Topical 'Spot-On' Application

Frontline Plus is a monthly topical flea and tick preventative for cats. Frontline Plus kills 100% of adult fleas on your pet within 12 hours and 100% of all ticks and chewing lice within 48 hours. Frontline Plus contains an insect growth regulator, S-methoprene, which kills flea eggs and larvae. It’s effective against all stages of the brown dog tick, the American dog tick, the lone star tick and the deer tick (the major carrier of Lyme disease).

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  • Effectively treats and prevents flea (Ctenocephalides spp) infestation on all life stages of fleas.
  • Rapidly kills newly acquired adult fleas, providing re-infestation protection for at least 1 month post-treatment.
  • Eliminates adult fleas within a swift 12 hours of application.
  • Prevents the development of flea eggs, larvae, and pupae from adult fleas, offering extended protection for up to 6 weeks after treatment.
  • Controls biting lice (Felicola subrostratus) for a comprehensive solution.
  • May be utilised in the treatment and control of Flea Allergy Dermatitis (FAD).
  • Effectively manages fleas and breaks the flea cycle on both your pet and within your home environment.
  • Fast-acting and long-lasting formulation for sustained efficacy.
  • Spreads over the coat within 24 hours, collecting in hair follicles and skin oils for continuous release onto the skin and coat.
  • Waterproof nature ensures effectiveness even during swimming or bathing.
  • Suitable for kittens from 8 weeks of age.
  • Safe for use on breeding, pregnant, or lactating animals.

Key Ingredients:

  • Contains two potent ingredients, fipronil, and (s)-methoprene, offering dual protection against harmful flea infestations.
  • Fipronil directly targets and eliminates adult fleas.
  • (S)-methoprene serves as an insect-growth regulator, hindering the growth of flea eggs and larvae, preventing re-infestation, and breaking the flea life cycle.

Directions for Use

Hold the pipette upright and tap the narrow part of the pipette so any liquid in the tube falls into the main body of the pipette. Snap back the tip. Part the coat on the back of the animal, the best spot being at the base of the neck in front of the shoulder blades. Place the tip of the pipette on the skin and squeeze the pipette several times to empty its contents completely onto the skin in this one spot. Monthly application is recommended.


Frontline Plus for cats is for external use on cats and kittens 8 weeks or older. Consult a veterinarian before using on medicated animals, animals using this product with other pesticides, and debilitated or aged animals. Frontline Plus is safe for use on pregnant and lactating animals. This product is flammable. Keep away from heat and open flame. This product causes eye irritation in humans and is harmful if swallowed. Avoid contact with skin. Seek medical attention if swallowed. If on skin, wash with plenty of soap and water. If in eyes, flush with plenty of water. Cats with a known hypersensitivity to insecticides or alcohol should avoid contact with Frontline Plus for cats.

Possible Side Effects

Pets may experience some temporary irritation and itchiness at the site of product application. If signs persist or become more severe within a few days of application, consult a veterinarian immediately. Other suspected adverse reactions are extremely rare but may include transient local reactions at the application site (scaling, local hair loss, itchiness, redness) and general skin itchiness or a hair loss have been reported after use. Other suspected adverse reactions which occur extremely rarely are hypersalivation, reversible neurological signs (hyperaesthesia, depression, nervous signs) or vomiting have been observed after use.

Manufacturer Merial
Generic name Fipronil, S-methoprene

Frontline Plus for Cats Green 6 Pack

MSRP: $64.45
Was: $51.56
Now: $42.53
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